Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Balance and Composition

I picked up a paintbrush after living in a basement with no windows for a year. That story is for another time.

Painting used to be part of my identity while in highscool. I remember staying up until the early morning hours on a school night painting and drawing. It was a part of me.

After highschool, upon starting my freshman year at college, i experienced changes within myself that left me a completely different person than I was before. Furthermore, my first art class in college led me to tears, swearing off art and creativity forever.

Fast forward to the basement, 12 years later. I picked up a paintbrush and it was my "aha" moment, as Oprah used to say. The floodgates were opened, not only to painting, but to all things creative. I also started getting more creative with my personal style.

I feel that since this "aha" moment, I am finally myself again. The piece of me that was lost for so long found its way back.

I am new to painting, and learning the skill. My mom is a trained artist and has offered me the advice that balance and composition are areas that i need to focus on. The problem becomes that I have no idea what these concepts truly mean in abstract art.

I suppose practice makes perfect.

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